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Our Story


We are originally from NYC and rescued Maggie while doing a brief stint in Las Vegas, NV before relocating to our forever home here in Oahu, Hawaii. We started Central Bark because we were tired of feeding Maggie food, treats and chews that were loaded with chemicals, preservatives and unregulated ingredients in the pet industry. We believe pets should be fed what nature intended. 

Our mission is to create a unique and local brand of treats that cater to pet parents who are passionate about the health and well-being of their pet. Central Bark's dehydrated treats are 100% Made in Hawaii and consists of a SINGLE ingredient. These treats are all-natural, human grade and free of added preservatives, chemicals, dyes, fillers or artificial flavors. We’re here to help other pet parents feel good about the food they are feeding their pets, and enjoy happy and healthy adventures together.