Our Story


We are originally from NYC and adopted Maggie while doing a brief stint in Las Vegas, NV through A Path 4 Paws before relocating to Oahu, Hawaii during the pandemic.

In my previous life, I was managing a corporate run small animal hospital and I noticed the vets prescribing veterinarian diets from Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina. My curiosity piqued and I took a look and the ingredients and was overwhelmed by the amount of bad ingredients that went into these so called "prescription diets". After reviewing the ingredients of other kibble and treat brands, I started noticing a trend - in it were a bunch of ingredients that I couldn't pronounce, let alone know what it was and a bunch of meat by-products that I wasn't sure animals should even be eating. 

We were tired of feeding our fur child food, treats and chews that were laden with chemicals, preservatives and "unregulated" ingredients. We believe pets should be fed what you as pet owners would eat - healthy and wholesome foods. Thus Central Bark Oahu was born!