Dog Treats Elevated Because They're Worth IT

Our mission is to promote optimal wellbeing by providing wholesome, fresh foods so dogs can live longer and thrive with you! We believe every dog should be fed a minimally processed diet that is aligned with what they are naturally supposed to eat.


Delightful pet treats with limited Ingredients that are simple and minimally processed

All of of our treats and chews consist of a single ingredient that is sourced directly from local Hawaiian farms and free of pesticides, antibiotics and commercial feed. They are gently air-dried to retain all its nutrient composition. We never use any salts, chemicals, fillers or preservatives. Our beloved companions are not with us long enough, so we should make every second count by giving them the best.

A happy dog is a healthy dog

  • I was excited to try this since it’s dehydrated raw. My pup enjoyed learning new tricks for this treat!

    Grass-Fed Beef Liver 
  • These meatballs are perfectly crunchy and make for great toppers on my dog’s meals. He loves them so much.

    Venison Meatballs 
  • My dog is an extremely picky eater, with his food and treats but he absolutely loves beef tongue.

    Grass-Fed Beef Tongue